Tony Hsu

Industry Advisory Board

Tony Hsu

Chief Insurance Operation Officer and Compliance Officer, China Life Insurance Co. Ltd

Mr. Hsu is the chief insurance operation officer and the compliance officer of China Life Insurance Co. Ltd, and is responsible for compliance and legal department as well as the operation and services department to ensure the internal risk control procedures comply with the requirements of regulations or statutory law.

Mr. Hsu has been serviced in the company since 1986 and is a very experienced officer. He handles the risk management not only on the legal phases but also the operation and services department for a very long time. Recently, he also paid attention to the differences of insurance legal system and the development of insurance industry between Taiwan and Mainland China. Furthermore, he is an experienced professional of the acquisition and mainly dealing with legal risk assessment.

Mr. Hsu received his EMBA degree from National Cheng-Chi University; obtained the Ph.D diploma of economic law from China University of Political Science and Law; completed the ACS test requirement and holds a LOMA fellowship. He is a former convener of Legal subcommittee of The Life insurance Association of the Republic of China, a lecturer of Taiwan Insurance Institute and a member of Claim Settlement Committee of that institute for many years. He is the board director of Life Insurance Management institutes of the Republic of China and is the editor of “Insurance Regulations Collection of Mainland China”.