Ben Chen

Industry Advisory Board

Ben Chen

Chairman, Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd.

Ben Chen, graduated from Chinese Culture University with a law major in 1978, is currently the Executive Vice President of Fubon Insurance with a very extensive expertise in the area of motor insurance. Over the career for 30 years, he successfully received an EMBA degree from National Chengchi University in 2006.

Under the prudent management and his striving for innovation and excellence in his work, Fubon Insurance has been leading the market for more than 28 years and maintaining a satisfactory underwriting result. Besides valuing the business performance of the company, he also takes the initiative to claim service innovations, the achievement of the team he leads was well recognized by the industry and won “Taiwan Insurance Best Performance Award- Best Customer Service Award” or three times in a row.

Now taking up the position of the Chairman of Motor Insurance Committee under Non-life Insurance Association of ROC, Ben also initiates and assists the supervisory authority to promote campaigns or policies in the industry with an aim to develop a better business environment of motor insurance.